Fiftyfour is number one

The mother Backfire was a star, but the question is whether Fiftyfour can't be better.

After winning the elimmination race for the Breeders Course 2 year old 2022, driver Ken Ecce said:

- You just have to stay in the sulky and he will fix the rest.

And Fiftyfour did. He took the lead, set the pace and in the end it was as easy as possible - with plenty of power left.

What then makes Fiftyfour a possible star?

– He has a good head and exactly the right attitude to the competition.

It is Jägersro's Tomas Malmqvist who trains and he also trained the mother Backfire. After a training job where he defeated older and more experienced horses, he debuted with an easy victory of 16.3, now the winning time was 14.5 with a volt start. And that's still no measure of his capacity. With one elimination race left, at Solvalla on Wednesday, Fiftyfour must be counted as one of the favorites to win the final at Jägersro where SEK 700 000 awaits the winner.

–He was simply born for this, continued Ecce. And he will go far if he avoids illness and injury. So of course the final will be really interesting.

Behind Fiftyfour, Loveletter In (Per Nordström) and Nelson Greenwood (Massimmo Arickx/Erwin Bot) took the other final places.