Basic idea

The number of new born standardbred foals is decreasing rapidly in all European countries with the exception of France. Breeders Course has been inaugurated in order to turn this negative trend. The breeders’ products (foals, weanlings, yearlings) have to be made more attractive to potential buyers (owners), which may be achieved by offering a number of new races for the youngest horses (2-year-olds, 3-year-olds and in the future also 4-year-olds).

Prize money will be increased, the intention of which is to increase the interest of purchasing young horses, primarily at the sales which will be held in close collaboration with the project.

Breeders Course is the breeders’ series, and the horses will be nominated by their owners in November the year they turn 1 year of age. The aim is to enlist as many as possible of the around 10 000 European horses. The races will be held throughout Europe with yearly finals for 2-, 3- and in the future also 4–years-old horses.