Tesselaar again – and Liljendahl

Last year Dion Tesselaar won two finals in the Breeders Course. Now he has qualified two horses for the million final at Solvalla during the Elitloppsweekend.

– This was very simple, he said after Daniel Hazelaar directed the elimination race at Jägersro from start to finish.

Tesselaar made the journey from Holland to Jägersro with a single horse - and it was certainly worth the effort.

– He felt really nice today and is a good horse.

Since before, Dion Tesselaar has the undefeated Novato ready for the grand final.

– It feels fantastic to have two horses in the grand final. We look forward to that.

In the elimination race at Solvalla, it was Reijo Liljedahl's Epsom As that made a big impression. Despite a tough opening, he was able to stand all the way home in impressive style.

– It went extremely fast on the first long side, but Epsom As warmed up incredibly well and he did a really good race at Åby so I wanted to try him at the front. At Åby he had to go three rushes and held fantastically well, explained driver Ulf Ohlsson.

Then it was also about a elimination race for the Breeders Course which was won by Yin Yang (Bakker/Hagoort).

Now all eliminations for the final at Solvalla have been completed and within the next few days it will be clear which twelve will start in the final.