Novato ready for his second final

Novato is set for his second major final at the Breeders Course.

He paraded home the elimination race in Wolvega together with Jeffrey Mieras and had plenty of air down to second Zabaione Diamant (Robin Bakker).

Novato is undefeated, won the 2-year-old final at Jägersro last fall in pouring rain. Now he was back and looking even better and even more awesome.

– It was very calm and stable, Jeffrey Mieras also thought.

Trainer Dion Tesselaar drove Daniel Hazelaar himself, but a gallop ruined the day. Instead, it was Zabaione Diamant who took the second final place after a race behind the big favorite.

Dion Tesselaar won two Breeders Course Finals last year, in addition to Novato he also won the other 3-year-old final with Gio Cash.

So what makes Novato so good?

- This is a handsome and a big horse - and he can run fast, which is most important of all. He is strong and fast, he has good lungs, Dion Tesselaar has analyzed.

Now two eliminations remain. Both on the tenth of May, at Solvalla and Jägersro.