Grand Slam for Paul Hagoort

Dutch trainer Paul Hagoort was responsible for a magnificent show in the Breeders Course 3 years old 2022 First Final.

He had three horses to start and they took the first three places.

- Incredible. Fantastic.

Hagoort barely found words when he met the cheers of the Solvalla audience. And then he had still been there halv an hour earlier when his Mister F Dag won a elimination race for the Elitloppet.

Now it was Hurricane DK who won the final together with Robin Bakker, Monastery Boko and Micha Brouwer were second and Diapason and Björn Goop took third place. That meant SEK 1 750 000 for stable Hagoort.

Paul himself had a hard time believing that his horses would take the top three places, but a bit after the start he started to gain hope.

- I saw that Diapason was in the lead, that both Hurricane and Monastery Boko got good positions. So I went up to the track to have a look.

And into the homestretch, Hurricane DK connected the grip, Monastery Boko approached and Diapason kept his speed well from the lead.

- Before the final, I hoped that one of my horses would do a good job and get a nice price check, but this exceeds all expectations.

Hurricane DK had the worst number behind the gate of Haagort's three horses, as he reached the final via a third place in Wolvega - behind Diapason and Monastery Boko.

- It is a tough and good horse with good strength, praised Paul.

Monastery Boko is worth a few lines, he has earned SEK 1 375 000 on his seven starts but he never won races.

- It is a nice horse that makes good races every time.

Paul Haagort likes Breeders Course. In the corresponding final last year, his Love You Too won a surprising victory together with Micha Brouwer.

So now he made a clean house.

And this was only the first final for the 3-year-olds. On June 22, the second series starts, which ends with a final at Jägersro in connection with Hugo Åberg's Memorial on July 26. There, the first prize is SEK 800 000.

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