Posted: 2018-06-08

Zelig Kronos won the first elimination

Zelig Kronos trained by Cristian Rizzo won the first elimination för 3yo horses in Milan. Next elimination is in Lindesberg July 4 and the big final with 600 000 SEK to the winner will be held in Malmö during the Hugo Åbergs night july 31.

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Posted: 2018-05-15

Don't miss to pay

Are you aware that the third entryfee to Breeders Course is paid for your 2–years–old (born 2016)?On May 31th, the third fee, 400 Euros, will be paid if you want to compete with your Breeder Course–horse during the 2-year season.If you dont have received an invoice for the third... Read more »

Posted: 2018-05-12

It's a fantastic horse, Lindhardt said

- It’s a fantastic horse.

Christian Lindhardt was lyrical since his Northern Charm won the Breeders Course Final at Åby.

Back leading favorite Smokin Joe, attack 300 left and in a few steps he had decided the race.

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