Posted: 2021-09-08

Kolgjini with three horses in the final

About a month ago, Lutfi Kolgjini, responsible for the young horses at the Kolgjini stable in Vomb, said:

- Wait until you see our two-year-olds. It is one of the best litters we have ever had.

Now they have started delivering for their trainer Adrian Kolgjini.

Hepburn won... Read more »

Posted: 2021-09-06

Two Malmqvisthorses from different countries to the final

Tomas Malmqvist dominated the Breeders Courseelimination at Jägersro.

His Jazzy Dancer (Erik Adielsson drove) won and his Hurlyburly was third for Ken Ecce.

Both are thus ready for the final, but the unique thing is that Jazzy Dancer is trained in France while Hurlyburly is t... Read more »

Posted: 2021-08-30

Kolgjini in driver's seat

Urban Africa debuted with a second place behind Pure Contess. Now it could be a rematch in the second elimination race for the Breeders Course 2-years-olds-2021 at Åby. But in any case, the advantage is Urban Africa because Pure Countess was born in the USA and thus not eligible to start in... Read more »