Posted: 2019-05-30

We are incredibly pleased

We are incredibly pleased with this year's first final. Of course, you can always wish for more horses in the elimination races, but unfortunately, these days, races for young horses have few participants. How the final was an absolutely fantastic race and the winner Aetos Kronos needed to set a ... Read more »

Posted: 2019-05-26

A new world record in Breeders Coursefinal

A new world record and Bold Eagle have won his first big winner in Swedish as a father.

It was great sport when Aetos Kronos won the millionfinal of the Breeders Course at Solvalla.

– Johan Untersteiner just predicted this. That two good horses would duel and that we could e... Read more »

Posted: 2019-05-19

Best Breeders Coursefinal – Ever

The Best Breeders Coursefinal - Ever.

Twelve high-quality three-year-olds make up for a first prize of one million - and all the best from the six eliminations are included – at Solvalla on Sunday.

– We are incredibly pleased with the final and really look forward to t... Read more »