Posted: 2019-04-12

Axl Rose lead vocalist

Axl Rose is not only a singer and front figure in Guns N’Roses, it is also a talented trotter.

At the season's first Breeders Course elimination in Milan, the three-year-old stallion impressed greatly. In the beginning outside the leader in 700 meters, then he took over the lead and... Read more »

Posted: 2019-04-11

A new season is coming up – start i Milan

Arden Wise As, Adelante and Axl Rose.

There you have the most interesting trio in this year's first elimination in the Breeders Course. It is about elimination in Italian Milan that gathered nine horses behind the gate and the first two Breeders Course horses qualify for the million-final... Read more »

Posted: 2019-01-15

January 31 is a magic million day

January 31 is a magic day if you dream of your 3-year-old winning one million SEK at Solvalla.

That is the last day to pay the last entry fee for the Breeders Course 3-year-olds, to give yourself the opportunity to qualify for the Breeders Course 3-year-old First Final at Solvalla. One mi... Read more »