Holland – Again

In Breeders Course first final, it was a triple victory for Holland. And that trend continues. In the first elimination race for the Breeders Course 3 years old 2022 Second Final, it was Holland again.

Rick Ebbinge, the driver world champion from 2019, showed a clearly improved Marinho Boko.

- I really do not know how good he is, Rick said after the win but also admitted:

- A couple of times he was close to gallop.

But Rick Ebbinge parried the problems and over the homestretch it looked quite simple:

- Of course he is a bit comfortable, but he won easily.

Rick has already started planning for the big final at Jägersro on July 26, when SEK 800 000 is waiting for the winner.

- I think we will take off all four shoes then, it should suit him well.

Behind Marinho Boko, Pure Fortune and Adrian Kolgjini finished well in second place. Favorite Jongleur got tired after a tough start.

Remaining Eliminations

Berlin 26 juni

Milano 28 juni

Åby 30 juni

Jägersro 12 juli


Jägersro 26 juli