Posted: 2021-07-27

Victory – on training balance

Victory – 1,11.5/1640 meter with lots of running in the legs left.

Colibri Jet won the Breeders Course final at Jägersro and impressed a lot, then trainer Alessandro Gocciadoro revealed:

- He wears a training balance, heavy iron shoes.

From a perfect starting tr... Read more »

Posted: 2021-07-21

Gocciadoro in driver's seat

Alessandro Gocciadoro has a future star in Colibri Jet. He also became the track winner in the 3 years old 2021 second final when he starts from track two behind the gate.

- I'm saying this is a star.

That was his comment after the win at Jägersro a couple of weeks ago. That ... Read more »

Posted: 2021-07-13

Gocciadoro: "This is a rising star"

- This is a rising star.

The words come from Italian Alessandro Gocciadoro since he won the last Breeders Course elimination before the final at Jägersro on July 27 with Colibri Jet.

Colibri Jet made his eleventh start and took his seventh victory, he is of course not so fast... Read more »