Wim Paal very impressed

- It's been a long time since I was so impressed with a horse.

Wim Paal, driver behind Zelig Kronos, was a little taken since he won the Breeders Course elimination with the Italian-born 3-year-old.

1.11.4 was a new record and then Zelig Kronos won with plenty of power left.

– I never had to touch the earplugs, Paal said.

Zelig Kronos won the elimination race in Milan, then traveled to Sweden and is now next to Jägersro to get a maximum preparation for the finals of 600,000 SEK.

– A little more importantm than todays race," said Paal, laughing.

Now Wim Paal felt on the horse in the warming, liked what had been in his hands and chose a safe tactic.

– I did not want to risk anything and got some marks on my way, continued Paal.

It is also ready for the final elimination, due on July 20 at Victoria Park, Wolvega.

Innovation Love, trained by Paul Haagort, won Prix Winston Sisa at 14.7 / 2100 meters in his last start and won the Dutch three-year criterion this spring. Haagort also trains Zar Laksmy who won an impressive victory in June. Zarch Wise As qualified to the first final of the year, but he couldn’t start after an infection. Now he has a new chance to take a final spot.

Entries, 2100 meters.

1 Zaviar As, Rick Ebbinge

2 Zarch Wise As, Erwin Bot

3 Innovation Love, Danny Brouwer

4 Zar Laksmy, Robin Bakker

5 Cesare W, Kurt Roeges

6 Iyan Stardust, John de Leeuw

Cesare W and Iyan Stardust can’t qualify for the final at Jägersro because they are not registered for Breeders Course.