What a great race

What a finale!

Breeders Course 3 years old 2022 second final, Tuesday July 26 at Jägersro, looks to be something really special.

We haven't forgotten the elimination race at Jägersro a couple of weeks ago that Gio Cash won on a tangent course record 1.10,9 and second was Barack Face on 11,1 despite being in third track the whole last lap.

– My horse made an incredible effort, Adrian said after the second place. I am simply proud of what he accomplished

But he thus did not reach Gio Cash, who won the final for 2-year-olds, last year and who impressed Jägersro greatly.

– I am very impressed with his effort, trainer Dion Tesselaar said. I knew he was good, but this still impressed me, Tesselaar continued.

In the final, the duo has also been given tracks behind the gate that should suit them better than the tracks they had in the elimination race.

But there are other top horses. From Italy comes Don't Say Gar, who was second in the marefinal during the Elitlopps’weekend.

Monastery Boko was second in the Breeders Course 3 years old 2022 first final, you remember the final where Paul Hagoort took the first three places, and has now been drawn to an inside track.

Urban Africa is a tough guy who has been beaten in several Breeders Course finals.

Yes, it is simply a really high-class final where SEK 800,000 awaits the winner.

Entries, 1640 meters

1 Monastery Boko, Robin Bakker

2 Marinho Boko, Örjan Kihlström

3 Urban Africa, Jim Oscarsson

4 Gio Cash, Dion Tesselaar

5 Don't Say Gar, Alessandro Gocciadoro

6 Pure Fortune, Erik Adielsson

7 Barack Face, Adrian Kolgjini

8 Jimbaran Zon, Marc Elias

9 Bismillah Face, Rick Ebbinge

10 Pearl Vrijthout, Björn Goop

Footnote: Gio Cash touched Going Kronos' 2006 track record.