Victory – on training balance

Victory – 1,11.5/1640 meter with lots of running in the legs left.

Colibri Jet won the Breeders Course final at Jägersro and impressed a lot, then trainer Alessandro Gocciadoro revealed:

- He wears a training balance, heavy iron shoes.

From a perfect starting track behind the gate, Gocciadoro drove offensively, took the lead and then decided every meter of the race. 1.11.5 was thus not a measure of his capacity, but there was more to give.

– It’s a great talent, Gocciadoro said. But I think he needs some more races to be the best,

And after the SEK 700,000 that Colibri Jet earned in the Breeders Course final, he gets an easier path to the next big goal - the Italian derby.

Gocciadoro also took the opportunity to pay tribute to the Swedish sport after his success at Jägersro. Readly Express is the father of Colibri Jet and he also won races with a son of Maharajah during Åbergskvällen.

- They leave nice horses that I really like to train,

Behind Colibri Jet, Ambrosius delivered for the best race of his career when, after an smart trip, he was able to hitchhike to second place.

Even though this was the second final of the year in Breeders Course, we are only halfway this year.

There are five bonus races left and also a whole series for two-year-olds.

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