Victory for Gocciadoro

The victory in the first Breeders Course 3-year-old final went to Italy. After a race behind the leader, Alessandro Gocciadoro was able to break free with his horse Vitruvio and made a strong finish to an easy victory.

– We were happy to make it through some difficult situations, Gocciadoro said after the race.

A tight situation arose at the first turn as Jos Verbeeck (Classic Connection) tried to seize the lead from Christoffer Eriksson and Espoir de Ginai. It ended with Verbeeck’s horse galopping and Eriksson sitting in the lead with Vitruvio right behind.

They were joined last lap by favorite Executive Caviar (Joakim Lövgren) on the outside. On the final stretch, Lövgren took the lead but Gocciadoro let the winner loose on the inside while on the outside Valentina Wind finished second.

The winner was bought by his current owner by coincidence three months ago, an investment that now paid off. The prize money was €120 000, of which the winner gets half.

– A very good winner, said Antonio Carraretto of Breeders Course. A very old and good friend of mine.

Carraretto also complimented the event:

– We have a very good cooperation with the Wolvega organization, which has done an amazing job and I hope they keep it up.

The future of Breeders Course also looks bright:

– We hope to continue to develop like we have up until now.

Upcoming is another 3-year-old series, the first elimination to be held at Åby.

Here is the entire series:

Åby  June 29

Mantorp   July 2 

Jägersro  July 11

Cesena   July 14 

Berlin        July 16 

, Jägersro         July 25

The prize money per elimination is €10 000 and in the final €120 000, which means Breeders Course will award €170 000

To owners in this series alone.

See the race: