Victory for Adielsson and Båth in the final

- I drove well both with braces and belt from the start. Did not want to risk a gallop and I was not worried if we would get a tough race.
The words come from Erik Adielsson after the win with Mellby Jinx in the final of Breeders Course 2-year-olds.
And Erik had calculated correctly. Mellby Jinx went flawlessly and won the final. In his first flawless start, the 2-year-old trotted 1,13.4 / 1640 meters and earned SEK 600000.
Stablemate Chipper Kronos was played to a great favorite, but when it became clear that Erik Adielsson, first driver at Svante Båth–stable, had to choose a horse, Mellby Jinx became a hot stablescream.
- Now he got to show what Svante and I thought about him, Erik Adielsson said.
Erik Adielsson thus drove a little carefully the first bit before he pressed the accelerator pedal and came out externally leading Good Vibes.
- Mellby Jinx is not really that insecure, said coach Svante Båth. In the first start he was hit and I do not know exactly what happened in the second start but he threw himself at a gallop just when the car left the field and the track was also a bit splashy.
Now there were no uncertain tendencies, Erik Adielsson made sure to keep the pace up and already in the final turn he seemed to have control of the leader.
- Afterwards, it is easy to be cool, but 500–600 meters left, it felt clear, said the winning driver Erik Adielsson who also explained his choice of horse.
– He had galloped in his first two starts and then it feels wrong to let someone else take over. Then Stefan [Persson] had driven Chipper Kronos so well, so it felt like the best solution.
– I must have felt that he was actually at least as good as Chipper Kronos, but that he has not been allowed to show it yet, Svante Båth analyzed. Both are really nice horses.
Chipper Kronos sat inside and never got the chance before it was way too late. Admittedly, he finished well, but he did not make it beyond fourth place.
– Incredibly fun also for Rune [Andersson, Mellby Gård] who owns Mellby Jinx. He really invests in the trot and praise for Svante Båth who delivers top horses year after year, Adielsson concluded.
Per Nordström's Good Vibes held well to second place while Gigi Barosso, with a long trip from Holland in his legs, held on to third place.