Victory and a new record for Eklundh

First and third in Breeders Course Bonus race at Jägersro - over 150,000 SEK run in a single race and stable Eklundh broke a new record despite three months remaining of the year.
– The horses are doing well now and it is always fun to break records, André said before he got in the car for the four-hour journey home.
We know Eklundh well at Jägersro, worked for several years for former champion Thomas Uhrberg. Now he is establishing himself in the elite as a trainer and has, for example, great owners like Knutsson Trotting behind him.
In Breeders Course he came with two horses, chose to drive Hazyshadeofwinter himself while he let Peter Ingves take care of Bring Me Wine. With the result in hand a small wrong choice; Bring Me Wine won while Hazyshadeofwinter had to settle for third place.
– I probably thought I was behind the best horse, she had trained well and we pulled the shoes to get some effect. But she rumbled 100 meters left so I had to pick her up a bit, where we lost second place.
André otherwise has the feeling that the two three-year-old mares have the capacity to participate and fight in slightly larger races, just like many horses in the stable.
- It has gone really well, yet we have had some infections that have gone around.
Stall Eklundh is approaching three million in run-in money, has 41 victories and around 22 in victory percentage. Record across the whole line. The successes have also given results, today there are 55 horses in the stable and André is happy.
– Everything is running very well and it’s nice to compete in race with good prizemoney, he said.