Urban Africa is looking for revenge

Now Urban Africa is looking for revenge.

He qualified for the Breeders Course 3 years old 2022 First Final, but galloped in the final. Same story as a 2-year-old. Now he won the elimination race at Åby and is thus ready for the final at Jägersro.

– This is a horse that we will have a lot of fun with, said trainer and co-owner Jim Oscarsson.

Urban Africa began his career with Adrian Kolgjini. There he won an elimination race for the Breeders Course, but galloped away in the final that Gio Cash won. The breeder and then owner Urban Lindberg died last autumn and the horse was sold and that is how he ended up with Jim Oscarsson.

Jim was suspended in the elimination race and stood by the side, he left the reins to Christoffer Eriksson who really wanted to run in the lead.

– That was my plan, but we got an answer and then it was important to save some power.

He crawled down behind leading Delight Kronos, but 250 meters from the finishline there was a bit of a hassle and a couple of horses galloped. It gave Urban Africa and Christoffer Eriksson free space in good time.

– It suited us perfectly. Now we had plenty of time.

Now Urban Africa has qualified for its third Breeders Course final. Twice he has galloped away, but now Jim Oscarsson is full of confidence.

– He can be a little awkward when you turn up against the starting car, but then he is very nice to drive.

Bismillah Face and Rick Ebbinge took second place behind Urban Africa after a sharp finish. The favorite Diapason galloped away his chances at the beginning of the homestretch.