Upset Face still unbeaten

Upset Face is something extra special. Five starts have given five wins and the fifth win he took in the Breeders Course elimination at Jägersro.

– He develops for every start," said the driver, Lutfi Kolgjini, after giving the prospective star a hefty workout:

– He has gone 16-times, but now that he is going out to meet some tougher horses, it is time he takes the next step in the development.

Upset Face was an anxious type when he debuted, afraid of not least rain. Now he has taken big steps and looks to dominate the course. Kolgjini drove from the start and kept the lead, then gave the horse a breath before he pulled the entire last lap hard.

Upset Face thus steps into the final at Solvalla unbeaten and it is heard at Kolgjini that this brother of the Mosaique Face is something extraordinary.

It is the son Adrian Kolgjini who works out, but dad Lutfi who ran at four of the five victories (and mum Anna is the groom).

In the final at Solvalla then?

– You have to ask the trainer about that, Lutfi said.

And Adrian smiled:

– I know that Dad likes to run this type of horse, so he must continue as long as he is unbeaten.

Behind Upset Face, Goofy Sisu made a strong effort for Per Nordström and took the second final place.

The final will be settled on May 26 at Solvalla, the same day as Elitloppet, and a million SEK are waiting for the winner.