Twelve horses for the Breeders Coursefinal

Here are the twelve chosen horses who are ready for the Breeders Course 3 years old 2020 First Final with SEK 2 million in total prize money at Solvalla May 31. The draw takes place on Sunday, May 24.
If you are wondering about seeding, here are the rules:
“The winners in the eliminations always get lane 1-6 (with 10 horses in the final 1-5 and lane 1-4 if only four eliminations). If only four eliminations the second horses will have 5,6,9,10 and the third horses 7,8,11,12.  The draw is always done by racetrack who have the final. A Winner (as we call it) is the first eligible horse in each race and it's the same with the second horse or third (if four eliminations) who qualifies for the final it must be eligible.”
The chosen dozen, trainers in parentheses.

These four horses are drawn on lanes 1-4:

Bolero Gar (Timo Nurmos)

Balsamine Font (Björn Goop)

Philosopher (Sören Norberg)

Hell Bent for Am (Stefan Melander)

These four horses are drawn on lanes 5,6,9,10:

Bubble Effe (Riccardo Bianchi)

A Good Point (Sören Norberg)

Natorp Bo (Patricia van der Meer)

Kuyt F.Boko (Paul Hagoort)

These four horses are drawn on lanes 7,8,11,12:

Climber (Patricia van der Meer)

Finland (Riina Rekilä)

Kate Baldwin (Patricia van der Meer)

Billions (Adrian Kolgjini)