Time for Finland again?

It's always exciting when we see the first 2-year-olds in Breeders Course.
The season's first 2-year elimination will be decided at Åby on Wednesday 2 September and it is about nine horses - four are registered for Breeders Course - all of which are very unexposed.
We are curious about Fake Super Fast who debuted at Jägersro with a fourth place - after an early gallop. After that gallop, Fake Super Fast trotted really fast, the clock showed down to 1.15 / 1500 meters. The interesting thing about Fake Super Fast is that she was bred in Finland. You may remember that the first final winner ever in the Breeders Course was Winter's Iceman. Like Fake Super Fast, Winter's Iceman was born in Finland.
We also note that Paul Hagoort, as usual, is included in the Breeders Course. He sits up behind Lluc Boko who makes his debut at Åby.
Young horse specialist Svante Båth sends down Chipper Kronos from Stockholm and Stefan Persson, hot catchdriver this season, gets to take his reins.
Entries, 1640 meters
1 Västerbo Lookhigh, Anders Zackrisson
2 Dame Lane, Giuseppe Lubrano
3 Nowalkrun, Mikael J Andersson
4 Arizona Face, Adrian Kolgjini
5 Lluc Boko, Paul Hagoort
6 Chipper Kronos, Stefan Persson
7 Fake Super Fast, Henna Halme
8 Dream Sensation, Dante Kolgjini
9 Rose Hill, Robin Bakker