Three horses stand out

Three horses stand out in the third elimination race for Breeders Course 2 years old 2020 on Wednesday evening at Solvalla.
It's about Mellby Jinx chasing revenge for a gallop failure in the debut. Then it was a tight situation just when the attack was to be launched. Mellby Jinx, trained by Svante Båth, have talented Heaven’s Door as a mother. Heaven’s Door was trained by Åke Svanstedt in the USA and trotted 09.6, earned 2.2 million SEK.
- He has a lot inside and even if there are some good horses in this race, I have hopes of finishing far ahead, Svante Båth says.
Afish won the debut in a very simple way and now he gets Örjan Kihlström in the cart.
- Was very nice in the debut as he showed both good speed and the right attitude. Everything seems good even afterwards and it will be interesting to see him now against tougher horses. I will not be surprised if he does a really good race and I think that this one can also show up there.
Chopin Gar who debuts surrounded by a good reputation. Chopin Gar has Italy as its home country and it is about a brother to Velvet Gio (SEK 3.3 million). Timo Nurmos trains the talent.
Entries, 1640 meters
1 Indigo Sisu, Ulf Ohlsson
2 Chopin Gar, Jorma Kontio
3 Thai Brooklyn, Nicklas Korfitsen
4 Mellby Jinx, Erik Adielsson
5 Mi Ma Ohrtus, Rikard N Skoglund
6 Custom Cash, Björn Goop
7 Afish, Örjan Kihlström
8 Heart Jubb, Kaj Widell