Three eliminations is coming up

Three eliminations for the Breeders Course will be coming up in the next few days, and then the start list for the million-final at Solvalla during the Elitloppsweekend can take shape.

On Victoria Park in Wolvega, it is likely that Marylin Monroe will play the leading role, thus Marylin Monroe Bo with the German champion driver Michael Nimczyk. The mare was unbeaten as a two-year-old, but did not perform perfectly in early April. Come back in a qualification race in Gelsenkirchen and then look very nice.

At Solvalla, it is a Finnish guest who attracts some attention. It is about Sahara Payote that Markku Nieminen sends from Finland. The first race for the season is completed and the form is on the way up. Belker will be the favorite at Solvalla, but since he wasn’t registered for the Breeders Course, he can’t qualify for the final and fight for the million that awaits the winner.

On Jägersro unbeaten Upset Face makes an interesting start for Lutfi Kolgjini. From the lane one, is probably the tactic given. But Aetos Kronos, third in Svensk Uppfödningslöpning, is a tough challenger. And in Denmark they speaks well about Ecco C.N.



Wolvega, Friday 10 May, 2100 meters

1 Juan Les Pins, Jaap van Rijn

2 Andromeda Font, Paul Hagoort

3 Marylin Monroe Boko, Michael Nimczyk

4 Jesican, Micha Brouwer

5 Jarine le Grand, Frank Westerveld

6 Maranello Bo, Dion Tesselaar

7 Jo Jo Harley, John the Leeuw

8 La Grace, Robin Bot

9 Jambers, Hugo Langeweg J: r


Solvalla, Tuesday 14 May, 2140 meters

1 Secret Avenue, Örjan Kihlström

2 Body Milk, Anders Eriksson

3 Sahara Peyote, Jorma Kontio

4 Belker, Torbjörn Jansson

5 Marvelous Tooma, Oskar J Andersson

6 Galapagos Sisu, Mattias Djuse


Jägersro, Wednesday 15 May, 2140 meters

1 Upset Face, Lutfi Kolgjini

2 Ecco C.N, Steen Juul

3 Goofy Sisu, Per Nordström

4 In Your Dreams, Christoffer Eriksson

5 Aetos Kronos, Johan Untersteiner

6 Staro Nashville, Joakim Lövgren