The old man can stil

The old man can still.

Lutfi Kolgjini got the chance behind his son Adrian's Aquarius Face in the fourth elimination race for Breeders Course.

It ended in victory.

- It’s a fantastic horse, Adrian said after the race and then said with a big tan:

- In the final I drive. I take over when it's the fat price checks.

Now it is not entirely carved in stone that it is Adrian who will drive in the final at Solvalla on 30 May. In the last elimination race, in Åby next Wednesday, Akilles Face starts.

- If I qualify him, I choose to drive him. And then Dad gets the chance at Aquarius Face in the final.

Aquarius Face is really a rising star, he is a son of Lutfi Kolgjini's star and Derby winner Mosaique Face's first litter. So really, the little warrior means a lot to Lutfi Kolgjini.

Aquarius Face won before Carloforte Font (Rick Ebbinge / Jeroen Engwerda) and for a while it looked as if the Dutch (Italian-born) horse would win.

- Our horse had not started for a while so he was a bit tough, but expect that he will be much better in the final.

Speaking of the final, there are two eliminations left before the twelve finalists are ready. Attempt five will be decided in Milan on Friday afternoon and the final attempt at Åby next Wednesday.

Akilles Face will of course be a big favorite in Åby. The inner track may not be the best, but with only four opponents, Adrian can choose tactics at will. And shows Akilles Face the same form if last time he becomes difficult to resist.

- I think it's our best.

In Milan, it's a lot about Alessando Gocciadoro. In Cronos Degli Dei, he may have a budding star. Five victories in six starts is impressive, but also the stable's second horse Concuistador Bi has started his career promising.

Entries, Milan, 2250 meter autostart

1 Concuistador Bi, Federico Esposito

2 Captain Harlock*, Andrea Farolfi

3 Celcius Mabel FM*, Pietro Gubellini

4 Cronos Degli Dei, Alessando Gocciadoro

5 Chemar*, Andrea Guzzinati

6 Canto di Poggio*, Mass Castaldo

* Is not in Breeders Course

Entries Åby, 2140 meter autostart

1 Akilles Face, Adrian Kolgjini

2 Lukaku di Quattro, Henna Halme

3 Amoa Queen*, Fredrik Persson

4 Mustang Racer*, Robert Bergh

5 Asteroid*, Jörgen Sjunnesson

* Is not in Breeders Course