The finaldraw is complete

The draw is complete and it’s ready for the Breeders Course 3 years old 2020 First Final with SEK 2 million in total prize money at Solvalla on may 31.
The four elimination winners were drawn on the four lanes at the inside and a bit of a draw winner became Philosopher who won his elimination despite a gallop from the start. Sören Norberg is training and just as recently, Peter Ingves is sitting in the cart. The question then is whether he can answer Hell Bent for Am, the eliminationwinner from Solvalla, who with his american startspeed has taken the lead in his two starts in Sweden.
– An open and very interesting final, Magnus Rundgren, CEO of Breeders Course says. Just like last year it also holds a very high class and then we remember that it ended with a new world record.
Entries, 2140 meter
1 Philosopher, Peter Ingves
2 Bolero Gar, Jorma Kontio
3 Balsamine Font, Björn Goop
4 Hell Bent for Am, Örjan Kihlström
5 Kuyt F.Boko, Robin Bakker
6 Natorp Bo, Kim Eriksson
7 Billions, Adrian Kolgjini
8 Finland, Janne Korpi
9 A Good Point, Torbjörn Jansson
10 Bubble Effe, Jos Verbeeck
11 Florist, Kevin Oscarsson
12 Kate Baldwin, Ulf Ohlsson