The bigger they are, the harder they fall

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Barack Face was a big favorite in the last elimination race before Breeders Course 3-year-old final at Solvalla in connection with Elitloppet.

Barack Face was released to the lead, but towards the final turn - at Åby's exit to the stableground- the giant favorite suddenly rolled over at a gallop. Then the way opened for Bismillah Face and Rick Ebbinge.

– Before the gallop I did not have a thought that we could beat Kolgjini's horse, but I I knew that my horse can run.

Bismillah Face, bred by Lutfi Kolgjini and Anna Svensson, got a secure grip and kept safe. This was Bismillah Face's second start for Rick Ebbinge. In the first start it ended with a gallop.

– He is afraid of splashes so we changed the equipment a bit before this start, Ebbinge said to Kristofer Jakobsson in Åby's winning circle.

The victory of course means that Bismillah Face - who is a half-brother to Sweden's most expensive one-year-old Aristoteles Face - is ready for the SEK million final.

– It is clear that it will be tougher there, but I think my horse will take a step forward with this start.

Behind the winner, Lollo Trot followed to second place while Barack Face was disqualified.

The following horses are qualified for the final at Solvalla: Tetrick Wania, Show Your Guts, Urban Africa, Point of View, Pure Atlas, Jewilla, Dea Grif, Expelled, Diapason, Monastery Boko, Bismillah Face and Lollo Trot.

The final will be decided on Sunday 29 May with SEK one million for the winner.