Talented and unexperienced

Talented and unexperienced.

No, it's not about trainer Wim Paal but about his horse Cubalibre Jet.

Wim, a globetrotter in the trotting industry, has found a new star in the 3-year-old who won the Breeders Course bonus race at Solvalla.

- He is talented, of course, Wim said. But he is still very unexperienced and it was a big advantage that there were so few horses in the race.

Cubalibre Jet was in the Breeders Course final at Jägersro, but since he did not learn to open so fast yet, he had to start his attack very far behind that time. Now he hade position as third horse, stepped up to the leader during the final lap.

- I already felt in the last turn that we should win, Wim said. And I did not have to strain him so much over the homestretch.

The future?

- I do not know. We took this race because he is in Breeders Course and when he felt so good after the final. We have not plan anything more.

Cubalibre Jet received a nice SEK 125,000 for its victory in the Breeders Course bonus race.

Remaining bonus race

17:e august Jägersro

20:e october: Jägersro

14:e november: Åby

27:e november: Solvalla.