Sybille Tinter's fantastic new star

Sybille Tinter is a bit of this year's comet in Swedish trotting. Now she showed off her giant promise Okira Bo in a dazzling condition in the Breeders Course elimination at Solvalla.

It was lead from start to finish together with Björn Goop and they left Mellby Jinx - winner of the 2-year-old final in Breeders Course last year - with several lengths over the homestretch after 09.7 last 500 meters.

– She has been absolutely fantastic and now with a Yankeecart together with world's best driver, Sybille Tinter said lyrically.

Tinter is trainer at Romme, has won every fourth race this year and her small stable, 12 horses in training, has already drawn in over a million. And in fact, she can double that figure if Okira Bo wins the final at Solvalla in just over a month.

– It's the biggest thing in my career. The first time I qualified for something really big.

Okira Bo (Cantab Hall – Jasmina) is owned and bred by Hans Ulrich Bornmann, Germany. The mare was also trained by her owner from the beginning of her career, but since mid-March, Sybille Tinter has been responsible for the training.

Behind the winner, Mellby Jinx was responsible for a strong finish together with Erik Adielsson. Okira Bo and Mellby Jinx are now qualified for the final at Solvalla.

In Finnish Vermo, it was also a favorite fall in today's second Breeders Course elimination.

Benello XO was the winner of this season's first Breeders Courserace. Unfortunately she is not registered for Breeders Course and therefore not allowed start in the final at Solvalla. The first two Breeders Course horses in the race were Nette's Ensio and Starry.