Skoglund solved the rain problems

Heavy rain and a horse that is afraid of splashes.

It does not sound like a good combination, but Rickard Skoglund solved all the problems in Breeders Course Bonuslopp at Jägersro.

– A lot was won when we got the lead, then of course I was not so eager to leave over the lead, said Skoglund who went down from Stockholm to drive Redbull Pellini.

Redbull Pellini, trained by Marcus Lindgren in Halmstad, took the second victory of his career and it was a win that promised a good future.

– He felt fine all the way. He trotted really well through the turns and we got a length into the homestretch, when I then snatched the flexible blinkers he went away in a good style.

The bonus race, which was open to 3-year-olds who have not reached that far in their careers, offered a total of SEK 125,000 to the winner.

– Nice prize money for a young talent, praised Skoglund.

Behind the winner we saw great performances from Vicarius and Larry Wood.

Remaining bonusrace

20:e october: Jägersro

14:e november: Åby

27:e november: Solvalla.