Second final for Love You Too

Love You Too, the sensational winner from Breeders Course 3 years old 2021 first final, is ready for its second final - but it was not without drama.

In the elimination race for the Breeders Course 3 years old 2021 second final In Berlin, Love You Too finished third, but the winner of the race Cindy Truppo is not registered for the Breeders Course and thus not eligible to start in the final. It saved the final place.

But the drama did not end there, when Robin Bakker, the driver, was to move Love You Too in the second track, he hit a gallop, but stood fast and secured second place by a good margin.

There was not much to do for the winner Cindy Truppo.

- It was a nice horse and considering that she is fast behind the gate, the tactics were given, said driver Jörgen Sjunnesson after the win and continued:

- She won very easily and there were no problems along the way.

Behind Cindy Truppo, Lucky Steel and Dion Tesselaar took second place. They followed behind the winner all the way, but could not really challenge the last bit.

Micha Brouwer, the winning driver from the final at Solvalla, seemed to have a sensation going on here as well, but it ended with a gallop for his Robert's Son BB when the attack was to be launched.

The final will be decided on July 27 in connection with Hugo Åberg's Memorial, where a first prize of SEK 700 000 awaits the winner.

Remaining elimination

July 13: Jägersro


July 27: Jägersro