Ready Tonight can be something extra

 Ready Tonight, a three-year-old colt trained by Halmstad's Peter Untersteiner, can be something extra.
Now he won the Breeders Course Bonus Race at Åby after a very impressive effort. He slipped to the lead after 500 meters, but still had to keep a tough pace on the slightly demanding track. During the homestretch, he was attacked both on the outside and on the inside, but stretched honestly to an impressive victory.
- He really feels like he should, said trainer Peter Untersteiner. It is a horse that has a great speed.
But Ready Tonight also has the "papers" in order.
The father Muscle Hill is a well-known champion stallion and the mother Fleetfoot Hanover had Peter himself in training for a period. Fleetfoot Hanover otherwise began her career in the US with Trond Smedshammar, she was trained for a period by the coldbloodking Öystein Tjomsland and has also been trained by Frode Hamre - he with Ecurie D you know - before he came to Peter Untersteiner. Fleetfoot Hanover won 30 races, earned over two million kronor and ran under 1.10.
Ready Tonight is her first foal, but there are three younger siblings; a two-year-old (Muscle Hill), a one-year-old (Villiam) and a foal born in 2020 (Readly Express).
Behind the winner, both Beauty Wind and Mellby Ironman were responsible for very brave efforts.
To participate in one of Breeders Course Bonus races, the horse must be registered for the series. Right now it's time to register your horse born in 2019 - so do not miss that chance.
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