Perhaps the best elimination ever

Perhaps the best elimination race in the Breeders Course ever.

Gio Cash won on the tangent course record 1.10,9 before Barack Face and Pearl Vrijthout.

The final in Breeders Course 3 years old 2022 at Jägersro on the 26th of July looks to be something really special. In any case, it promised the last elimination race that was decided at Jägersro.

– I am very impressed with his effort, said trainer Dion Tesselaar who stood by and let Jeffrey Mieras take care of the reins.

Gio Cach won the 2-year final in the Breeders Course last year. Now he will probably be the favorite in the final for 3-year-olds at Jägersro in two weeks.

– I knew he was good, but this still impressed me, Tesselaar continued.

Gio Cash had to do the hard work outside the leader Dont Touch Me It and Jeffrey Mieras was proud:

- His last 400 meters was impressive. I was hoping for the lead, but Kevin [Oscarsson behind Dont Touch Me It ] shouted ”no”

Dion Tesselar was also happy with the eliminationwin as it guarantees a good starting track in the final.

The homestretch became thrilling. Dont Touch Me It fought from the lead, Gio Cash worked outside and Barack Face had an incredible finish out in the tracks while Pearl Vrijthout slipped between horses.

On the finish line, Gio Cash was first, ahead of Pearl Vrijthout - but the judges moved Pearl Vrijthout down to third place and Barack Face was judged second after a tight situation in the race.

- I am proud of my horse, Adrian Kolgjini said after Barack Face trotted 11.1 - mostly in second and third line.

Towards the end of the week, it will be clear which ten horses will make it to the finals.

Footnote: Gio Cash touched Going Kronos' 2006 track record.