Norberg and Oscarsson a good combo

Sören Norberg, age 71, and Kevin Oscarsson, age 24, are a successful combination with 2-year-old-talents.

Nor the duo qualified their second horse for the final of the Breeders Course when A Good Point led every meter of elimination at Åby.

– He showed even better starting speed this time and developed for every start, Kevin summerized his victory.

A look at the statistics shows that the Oscarsson talent har run Norberg's 2-year-olds om seven occasions this season. It has ended with six wins and a third prize. They have now qualified both Philosopher and A Good Point to the final at Jägersro in just over two weeks where SEK 600 000 awaits the winner.

And guess Kevin is having trouble choosing the right horse for the final. Philosopher has impressed and A Good Point is also a definite plus.

– He is good looking and good. I sat and enjoyed 500 meters left, said Kevin Oscarsson with a big smile.

Also joining the final were Taste of Diamonds (Ken Ecce/Tomas Malmqvist) and Sanderson (Per Nordström).