No one wanted the fifth prize of 10 000 SEK

No one wanted the fifth prize of 10 000 SEK
Tuesday's Bonus Race Breeders Course 3 years old 2020 at Jägersro has only gathered four starters. Admittedly only four, but four really good horses.
It is a shame, however, that not more trainers and owners took the chance to compete for a first prize of SEK 125 000.
But we must at least write a little about Ready Tonight, a talent beyond the ordinary from Peter Untersteiner. Ready Tonight has started twice and won both in a pleasant way. The father Muscle Hill does not need any further presentation and the mother Fleetfoot Hanover had Peter himself in training. Fleetfoot Hanover otherwise began her career on the other side of the Atlantic with Trond Smedshammar, was trained for a period by the cold-blooded king Öystein Tjomsland and has also been trained by Frode Hamre - he with Ecurie D you know - before he came to Peter Untersteiner. Fleetfoot Hanover won 30 races, earned over two million SEK and took the record 09.9.
Ready Tonight is her first foal, but there are three younger siblings; a two-year-old (Muscle Hill), a one-year-old (Villiam) and a foal born in 2020 (Readly Express).
From Bonusloppet we also note Sanderson, trained and driven by Per Nordström who just a week ago won the final with Önas Prince.
Entries, 2140 meters
1 Let’s Face Em, Lutfi Kolgjini
2 Viva la Vida Face, Adrian Kolgjini
3 Ready Tonight, Peter Untersteiner
2160 meters
4 Sanderson, Per Nordström