Nice fight in Wolvega


Gaya de Pervenche and Dion Tesselaar invited the favorite Arquana As, Rick Ebbinge, a great match in Breeders Course elimination at Victoria Park in Wolvega. Finally, Arquana As was a winner - but since he is not registered for Breeders Course he is not qualified for the final at Jägersro on October 27th where 600,000 kronor awaits the winner.

Gaya de Pervenche took the lead; got the third-hand favorite Indigo River in the back while Arquana As was set as four. In the last turn Indigo River climbed into second lane and gave the favorite pulling aid to the finish. It became crucial.

Behind Arquana As and Gaya de Pervenche, Andromeda Font replied for a good finish.