New eliminations are coming up

The first eliminations for Breeders Course, 3-years-old Second Final are coming up.

This week, the elimination in Italy (Milan) and Sweden (Solvalla) will be decided. One of a key person during the week is Alessandro Gocciadoro who starts Arden Wise As and Acciaio. Both are registered for the Breeders Course and both have good opportunities to reach the final at Jägersro.

You will not miss the final at Jägersro on July 30 in connection with the Hugo Åbergs Memorial. And the prize money in the final is a total of SEK 1 200 000.

Elimination, Milan, Tuesday June 18, 1650 meters

1 Alcarro Light, Luca Schettino

2 Astrit Trio, Marco Stefani

3 Arden Wise As, Alessandro Gocciadoro

4 Asia Jet, Roberto Andreghetti

5 Amon You SM, Antonio Greppi

6 A Sexygirl Couple, Tommaso di Lorenzo


Elimination, Solvalla, Wednesday June 19, 1640 meters

1 Gordon Mearas, Erik Adielsson

2 Galantis, Björn Goop

3 Acciaio, Alessandro Gocciadoro

4 Click Bait, Örjan Kihlström

5 Armando Ido, Ulf Ohlsson

6 Libertin, Mattias Djuse


Remaining eliminations

June 27: Aby

July 16: Jägersro

July 19: Wolvega


July 30: Jägersro