Michelot – Erland Olsson's new star

The heir.

Michelot was bought by Erland Olsson as a replacement since the star Farlander Am passed away.

Now Michelot showed that he can be a good replacement. He won the Breeders Course Bonusrace and SEK 125 000 at Åby.

– It was Stefan Persson who told me about the horse and it was thankful, Erland said after the win.

Stefan Persson, who drove Michelot to victory, had seen Michelot in some start for Adrian Kolgjini, noted that it was a nice type and that there was speed. And when Michelot was offered at an internet auction, the chance appeared

– We understood that it would not be a cheap horse, but it feels exciting, Stefan also thought after the win at Åby. It is a strong and nice horse and now he has become a little lazy and that is good. Johan [Svensson] has done a good job.

With Djali Boko as father and Red Savina as mother (a sister of Raja Mirchi and Lavec Kronos, among others), Michelot has the papers in order. It is Johan Svensson in Halmstad who trains Michelot - and several other of Erland Olsson's horses.

– It is probably not as often as I started horses in races with SEK 125 000 in first prize, but we have probably never won this easily, Johan said after the win.

Johan Svensson said that Michelot was a bit awkward from the beginning, but has improved:

- He has calmed down a lot, gone from being half crazy to being lazy. So with a little winter training, this will be good.

How good?

- Why not aim for the Derby, Erland Olsson thought with a smile.