Last and fast elimination

All In Love, the only horse that was not entered for the Breeders Course, won the fourth and final elimination race for the Breeders Course 2 years old 2020. Dion Tesselar's Readly Express daughter accounted for a strong debut and won in the top time 14.3 - but is thus not eligible to start in the final.
All In Love was driven to the lead on the first long side, pulled away at a good pace but was really challenged over the homestretch by Gigi Barosso (Rick Ebbinge). All In Love honestly stretched in a typical Readly Express manner. Gigi Barosso (Ready Cash), fastest the first bit but let go of the lead, finished strong and was not much beaten. At a distance, Faith Trot (Readly Express) answered for a strong effort. Let it Be VP and Levi Boko, two of the more trusted, both galloped away their chances.
The final will be decided on Wednesday 30 September at Jägersro with a total prize money of SEK 1 200 000 and within the next few days it will be clear who wants / can start in the final. Thursday the 24th of September is the start registration (the day before for horses in training outside Sweden).
In today's situation, Chipper Kronos, who won the elimination race at Åby, is considered the favorite, but 2-year-old horses develop very quickly and a lot can happen.
Eligible to start in the final: Chipper Kronos, Arizona Face, Lluc Boko, Good Vibes, Icelander, Ciel Wibb, Chopin Gar, Mellby Jinx, Gigi Barosso, Faith Trot and Lacoste Star.