Kolgjini in driver's seat

Urban Africa debuted with a second place behind Pure Contess. Now it could be a rematch in the second elimination race for the Breeders Course 2-years-olds-2021 at Åby. But in any case, the advantage is Urban Africa because Pure Countess was born in the USA and thus not eligible to start in the final. We also note that Custom Chef is not included in Breeders Course either.

Our favorite for a final place is thus Adrian Kolgjini's Urban Africa.

- It is a very nice horse and we got a good track behind the gate, says Adrian Kolgjini.

In Åby, there is an open stretch available, so the risk of Urban Africa being trapped is not particularly great.

French-born Joyeux du Cygne develops for each start and Jim Oscarsson, trainer for Dontfearthejudge, is well known and recognized as skilled when it comes to young horses. We also note that Lollo Trot started once and should have progressed with that race.

1 Urban Africa, Adrian Kolgjini

2 Pure Countess, Stefan Persson

3 Joyeux du Cygne, Johnny Takter

4 Custom Chef, Carl Johan Jepson

5 Dontfearthejudge, Kevin Oscarsson

6 Lollo Trot, Petter Engblom