Kolgjini favorit at Jägersro

Smokin Joe, 2nd in Breeders Course Finals for 2-year-olds in Wolvega, may be considered a favorite in the second elimination, at Jägersro april 14th, to the three-year's First Final at Åby.

It’s the first race this season for Lutfi Kolgjini's talent, but he looked good at a tough job with Tae Kwon Deo last Thursday.

But there are other good horses.

Paladin is a horse that trainer Roger Malmqvist holds high. He has had four starts this year so the shape should be there. And Malmqvist has a second place in a Breeders Course final - remembering he was 2nd with Dragster in the final 2015.

The skilled young horse trainer Tomas Malmqvist has reported two horses and has hired top drivers Christoffer Eriksson and Erik Adielsson on their horses. The fifth participant of the race comes from Halmstad when Marcus Lindgren sent down Wisdom Teacher who, in his last run, raced 1.15.2 over 2140 meters.

As usual, the first two Breeders Course horses qualify for the final at Åby on May 12th.

Entries, 1640 meters

1 Wisdom Teacher, Johnny Takter

2 Funky, Christoffer Eriksson

3 Paladin, Roger Malmqvist

4 Smokin Joe, Lutfi Kolgjini

5 Donna di Damgård, Erik Adielsson

Now there are two eliminations left; Åby on April 28 and in Wolvega on 29th of April.