Keep an eye on It's a Girl



Keep an eye on It's a Girl in Breeders Course 3 years old Bonusrace at Solvalla on Saturday

Well, you say. Six starts, three gallops and only one victory.

But check out the tribe - it's a 3-year-old full sister to world star Bold Eagle.

- She will be really, really good, says Lutfi Kolgjini.


The story behind her begins with the breeder Jean–Etienne Dubois and with his wide network of contacts, Lutfi was informed that she was for sale. Good advice was expensive - so was the horse. It was important to quickly find a buyer with the wallet in order.

– I called an old horse owner and he was on right away.

It is about Per–Olof Sundqvist from Östersund, son of the financier, entrepreneur and trotting enthusiast Maths O Sundqvist who died in an accident almost ten years ago. Per–Olof jumped on the project right away. Kolgjini jumped on the first plane to France, inspected the horse and liked what he saw.

– Then I negotiated the price down to a reasonable level.

And the price tag was?

- It's a secret. Sure, it was a lot of money, but you should see that it was really cheap. It is an amazing horse. And think of the breeding value then. There Per has a grain of gold.

Now It's a Girl is not a complete racehorse yet yet, but will have to start a few times to get routine. Yet Lutfi says in true Kolgjinian spirit:

– It is clear that I think she will win on Saturday.

But it is next year that she will show her greatness - and then in France.

– That's right, says Lutfi and reveals the family's plans for a French settlement.

- We will have a branch in France, we will probably start it soon.

But it is clear that it will be an stable in France and that stable includes It a Girl.

But first she will take Solvalla.

Entries, 2140 meter

1 Capitol Wise As, Jörgen Westholm

2 High Line Pellini, Erik Adielsson

3 It’s a Girl, Adrian Kolgjini

4 Lady Larissa, Johan Untersteiner

5 Ingela K, André Eklundh

6 Calling Out, Per Lennartsson

7 Deep Feeling, Mattias Djuse

8 Constellation As, Ulf Ohlsson

9 Camelot As, Marcus Lindgren

10 Shake the Booze, Björn Goop