Ivanhoe Carisma impressed greatly

Ivanhoe Carisma impressed greatly when he won the Breeders Courseelimination in Hamburg, but as he’s not enrolled in the series, so he is not allowed not start in the final in two weeks where a total prize of 70,000 euros is expected.

Jeroen Offeringa drove offensively outside leading Irish Boko (Johnny Takter) and in the middle of the sprint it was decided. Ivanhoe Carisma won with a pair of safe lengths while Irish Boko held second place before Nagama (Christian Lindhardt).

The victory time for Ivanhoe Carisma was 1.14.7 / 1680 meters.


Last elimination 2-year-old horses

Wolvega 11 October € 10 000


Wolvega 22 October € 70 000


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