It's a fantastic horse, Lindhardt said

- It’s a fantastic horse.

Christian Lindhardt was lyrical since his Northern Charm won the Breeders Course Final at Åby.

Back leading favorite Smokin Joe, attack 300 left and in a few steps he had decided the race.

–If you can compare a Fiat and a Cadillac, this is a Cadillac," driver Peter Ingves said with a big smile.

Northern Charm was bred and owned by Günter Herz. The 3-year-old stallion is trained by Danish Christian Lindhardt on the stud Lasbek in northern Germany.

Northern Charm, a son of Muscle Hill, seems to be a complete horse. Strong and fast and a real trotter.

– He has a great head, heart and lungs, Lindhardt said.

Northern Charm won at 12.3 and Christian Lindhardt was very proud of the win in the prestigious Breeders Course Final.

– This is very big and means a lot to me.

German-born Northern Charm received 400,000 SEK for the victory.

Behind the winner, Feeling Way completed the second place.

– He run a very good race so I'm happy," said trainer Tomas Malmqvist.

Favorite Smokin Joe took third place.