Interesting final in Wolvega for two–year–olds

Get ready for the final

Ten horses behind the car in the final for the 2-year-old horses at Victoria Park in Wolvega.

Perhaps we will find the winner on one of the innermost tracks, Chapter One impressed at his win in Wolvega and Smokin Joe and Filur Sisu impressed both at his races at Jägersro.

Entries, 1609 meter

1. Chapter One, Rick Ebbinge

2. Smokin Joe, Lutfi Kolgjini

3. Filur Sisu, Per Nordström 

4. Avalon Mists, Robin Bakker

5. Irish Boko, André Bakker

6. Funky, Chrstoffer Eriksson 

7. Zodiaco As, Paul Hagoort 

8. Zoey Kronos, Jos Verbeeck

9. Typhoeus Face, Hugo Langeweg Jr

10.Tourzo, Stefan Söderkvist

The race is settled on Sunday, October 22 with a total of 70,000 euros in prize money.
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