Huge sensation in final

Love You Too and young talent Micha Brouwer delivered a huge sensation in the final of the Breeders Course. It was Love You Too's first victory of his career and of course it was Micha Brouwer's biggest victory.

– It’s clear that I am surprised, said trainer Paul Hagoort who followed the sensation from his home in Holland.

Actually, Love You Too was not meant to be in the final. He started mostly in the elimination for it to be a race, he took second place on the training balance.

– It's a nice horse, but we did not think he was really ready for this.

After second place in Wolvega, Hagoort did a trainingjob with the horse and then he tried to snatch all the shoes. And it was a success.

- He worked very well on that balance, so after a conversation with the owner we decided to go to Stockholm.

Micha Brouwer, a 20-year-old talent who has worked for Hagoort since September, qualified the horse and therefore he got the chance in the final.

– A good and talented guy who has won many races for me lately, Hagoort says. It’s his biggest victory, he has never drove in such a big race before.

But Micha Brouwer showed no nerves, found the back of Aquarius Face (Lutfi Kolgjini) and was able to stay until the end of the last turn. And over the homestretch, Love You Too just slipped away to an easy victory. Love You Too had earned just under 5 000 euros before the final, now he received almost 100 000 euros for the victory. The victory time of 1.12.9 / 2140 meters is not ashamed of itself either.

Behind the winner, Cash Maker (Örjan Kihlström / Alessandro Gocciadoro) delivered a strong finish. Aquarius Face finished well as third while the favorite Mellby Jinx (Erik Adielsson / Svante Båth) had some traffic problems from its difficult starting position. We also noticed that Akilles Face (Adrian Kolgjini) galloped in the final turn with plenty of strength left.

We have barely had time to catch our breath before the second series for the three-year-old horses starts.

Here you have that dates.

June 16: Solvalla

July 1: Åby

July 3: Milan

July 4: Berlin

July 13: Jägersro


July 27: Jägersro.