How good is Eric the Eel?

How good is undefeated Eric the Eel?

Maybe we will answer next Wednesday at Jägersro when Eric the Eel goes out in the Breeders Course elimination at Jägersro. He does it from track one, which can make the case even more refined.

Eric the Eel is trained in Denmark by Jeanette Hansen and will, like the latest start, be driven by Rene Kjær.

But it’s a tough race. Adrian Kolgjini, who took out his professional license at the end of the last month, makes his first start as a professional at the home track Jägersro just in the Breeders Course elimination. And he does it with the talent Ultion Face, who has two straight wins and has shown good speed without being driven to the bottom.

Svante Båth sends down undefeated Muscle Valky (Muscle Hill is dad) and Björn Goop comes with debutant Amelie Grif (Varenne is dad).

It is therefore set for a real tough race, all horses are in Breeders Course and qualify for the final except Sashay My Way, born in the United States and thus not eligible for the final.

1 Eric the Eel, Rene Kjær R k1111 16.1a

2 Barnacle, Christoffer Eriksson C k6 20,9a

3 Muscle Valky, Stefan Söderkvist S k1 16.3

4 Osoma, Peter Ingves P k41 16,6a

5 Hill of Fame F, Johnny Takes J k532 14,5a

6 Amelie Grif, Björn Goop B k

7 Sashay My Way, Lutfi Kolgjini L k14 14,7a

8 Goofy Sisu, Per Nordström P k3 18.4

9 Ultion Face, Adrian Kolgjini A k5211 13,8a

The prize prize in the elimination is 70,000 kronor, while 600,000 kronor awaits the winner in the final, which will be decided on Jägersro on 27th October in connection with the V75 competitions.