Home victory in the final

It was a home victory in the final of Breeders Course with SEK 700,000 for the winner.
Önas Prince and Per Nordström from Jägersro met all expectations in Breeders Course 3 years old 2020 Second Final.
- Now it is bubbling inside, Per Nordström said after the meritorious win.
He was very positive already after the elimination win and of course Önas Prince met all expectations.
– He is fast behind the gate and it is never a problem to race with him, Per said.
Önas Prince sat directly in the lead, pulled away at a high pace and in the end,  no one could follow.
- I simply did not want to get anyone near me and chose to drive at a good pace, he explained.
In the last turn, Önas Prince thanked for all the company, won with many safe lengths.
- During the homestretch, I turned around to see where the others were, but I did not see anyone.
Before the races, Önas Prince may not look completely perfect. He may be a bit stiff, but Nordström knows the horse's background and was not worried.
- No, Önas Prince made a real somersault in the paddock as a young horse and got a muscle strain in the shoulder. He does not look so good at low speeds, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with him.
Önas Prince is now waiting for a short break before the uptraining for the Svenskt Travkriterium begins. Per sounds very happy, receives congratulations from colleagues on the around the stable and gives his star an extra pat.
Before the final of Breeders Course, there had also been a huge bid for the horse, but Per and the owner gang nobbed.
And if there is a new bid?
- They are welcome, but now it is a different price.
Behind the winner, Kuyt F.Boko took a nice second place after an inside race and a quick finish while Italian Boltigeur Erre finished third.
Breeders Course now continues with a bonus race at Jägersro next Tuesday and another bonus race at Solvalla in the middle of the month.
The eliminations for 2-year-olds start on the second of September in Åby with a final at Jägersro on the 30th of September.