Gocciadoro: "This is a rising star"

- This is a rising star.

The words come from Italian Alessandro Gocciadoro since he won the last Breeders Course elimination before the final at Jägersro on July 27 with Colibri Jet.

Colibri Jet made his eleventh start and took his seventh victory, he is of course not so fast from the gate but has an extremely high capacity.

- I hope he can win the final, Gocciadoro said on broken english.

Gocciadoro came down to Jägersro to drive a single horse and that was an important matter. Colibri Jet had to pull away from the lead and the winning time of 1.11,0 was not a measure of his knowledge. There were tithes saved and the track was not very fast either.

Now the idea is that Colibri Jet will stay in Sweden until the final to get the best possible recharge.

- He stays with the Kolgjini family and I really appreciate that hospitality.

Thus, the 3-year-old avoids long and difficult journeys.

Gocciadoro also said that Cash Maker, another horse he qualified for the final, is uncertain starting on July 27th.

- We will decide in the next few days, but I'm not really happy with him.

Behind Colibri Jet, Dowhatdoyoudowell took second place, but since he is not registered for the Breeders Course, he is not eligible to start in the final. The second finalplace was now taken by Cubalibre Jet who finished really fast the last half lap for international driver Wim Paal.

The final will be decided in connection with Hugo Åberg's Memorial on July 27 and the first prize is SEK 700 000.