Gocciadoro specializes in Breeders Course

Alessandro Gocciadoro specializes in the Breeders Course.

After the first two eliminations he has two horses qualified for the final at Jägersro.

The one who impressed most of Gocciadoro's horses is Acciaio who was second in the elimination at Solvalla. Acciaio was forced to the front and pulled at a fast pace. Behind Örjan Kihlström sat with Click Bait (cannot qualify for the final because it is bred in the US). When the homestretch came, Kihlström attacked and in the last step he caught the leader.

– I'm a little surprised, Kihlström said. I have driven Acciaio in a couple of starts and know that it is a really good horse. I thought it would be difficult to win but my horse has developed nicely.

Acciaio, who was second in Breeders Course First Final at Solvalla during the Elitloppsweekend, has now qualified for the next big final - Breeders Course Second Final during Åbergskvällen at Jägersro with total prize money of 1.2 million SEK. He also showed that the sprinter distance goes well, 11.2 are a time that carries respect.

In Milan, the first prize went to a Gocciadoro horse; Amon You SM driven by Antonio Greppi. Now Amon You SM is not registered for the Breeders Course and misses the chance to compete for the big money at Jägersro. But Arden Wise As, run by Gocciadoro himself, qualifies for the final by becoming third at 1.12.8.

The next elimination will take place at Åby on June 27th.