Gocciadoro in driver's seat

Alessandro Gocciadoro has a future star in Colibri Jet. He also became the track winner in the 3 years old 2021 second final when he starts from track two behind the gate.

- I'm saying this is a star.

That was his comment after the win at Jägersro a couple of weeks ago. That elimination race was so important that Gocciadoro himself went to Malmö to drive a single horse - Colibri Jet. It was also a superior victory of 1.11,0 and there were a lot of strength left.

- My hope is that we can win the final as well.

But there is a bunch of good horses. Love You Too, the winner from 3 years old 2021 first final at Solvalla, is also in this final.

- It's a nice horse, but we didn't think he was really ready for he victory at Solvalla, Hagoort said.

But the victory was grounded in a training session with the horse, when Hagoort tried to snatch all the shoes. And it was a success.

– He worked very well on that balance.

And he will go with that balance in this final as well.

We must also highlight Manual Flight, which is trained by Jägersros Conrad Lugauer. Before the elimination, Lugauer said that the horse probably needed the race, but then he would be really sharp for the final.

There he is now and this time all four shoes come off and in addition the equipment is maximized with a ”Yankeecart”.

Forever young Wim Paal, turned 61 on Tuesday, has an unexperienced but capable horse in Cubalibre Jet. Perhaps the horse that has developed the most between its starts.

- It looks like a final exactly in the spirit of Breeders Course, says Magnus Rundgren, CEO in Breeders Course. There are great talents from several different countries in Europe. Simply very exciting.

The final will be decided on July 27 at Jägersro and SEK 700 000 awaits the winner.

Entries, 1640 meter auto

1 Lucky Steel, Dion Tesselaar

2 Colibri Jet, Alessandro Gocciadoro

3 A Perfect Face, Adrian Kolgjini

4 Ambrosius, Erik Adielsson

5 Manual Flight, Conrad Lugauer

6 Cubalibre Jet, Wim Paal

7 Amazing Hazel, Johan Untersteiner

8 Chopin Gar, Jorma Kontio

9 Love You Too, Robin Bakker

10 Cash Maker, Örjan Kihlström