Fourt elimination: Time for a new duel

Time for a new duel at world record pace
Hell Bent for Am, unbeaten since coming back to Sweden and winner of the Breeders Course 3 years old 2020 First Final, against Bolero Gar who was second in the final. Hell Bent for Am won the final at a time that was a tenth of a second above the current world record
The fourth elimination, at Solvalla, for the second final contains only six horses of which four are registered for the Breeders Course (Namanga Bo, Armani Degato, Bolero Gar and Hell Bent for Am).
But in advance it all looks like a duel between Bolero Gar and Hell Bent for Am. Bolero Gar has been training after second place in the finals while Hell Bent for Am has been out and picked up SEK 300 000 at Solvalla at the end of June.
Armani Degato is looking for form from last year when he took second place in the Svensk Uppfödningslöpning while Namanga Bo showed rising form the last time she won E3 Consolation.
Entries, 1640 meters
1 Namanga Bo, Björn Goop
2 Staro Onyourmarks, Anders Eriksson
3 Armani Degato, Erik Adielsson
4 Bolero Gar, Jorma Kontio
5 Big Top Lindy, Stefan Melander
6 Hell Bent for Am, Örjan Kihlström