First victory for A Perfect Face

Without victory until the elimination race for Breeders Course 3 years old 2021 second final.

Then A Perfect Face showed how good she really is in the elimination at Åby.

– It has taken far too long for her to win, but now we had a good starting track  and then she had to show how good she is, commented the driver and trainer Adrian Kolgjini.

A Perfect Face is not big, her mother Gabra Boko was even smaller, but there is a big heart in the horse. Now she looked nice even before the race Adrian served his horse a perfect race in the back of the leader. Into the homestretch, she easily stepped past on openstretch and secured a final place.

- It will be really exciting. The plan was to take a place in the final that we have at home and it feels good that it succeeded.

Behind A Perfect Face, Manual Flight finished strong as second for Conrad Lugauer.

- He had trained well before this, but we were aware that it might be a little lacking because he did not start for a long time. Now I think he will be sharper for the final.

On Wednesday, a elimination race was decided in Turin. Only one horse was entered for Breeders Course and that was Cobra, trained by Alessandro Gocciadoro. Now he had to settle for a fourth place after losing the style the last bit.

The final will be decided on July 27 in connection with Hugo Åberg's Memorial, where a first prize of SEK 700,000 awaits the winner.

Remaining eliminations

July 4: Berlin

July 13: Jägersro


July 27: Jägersro