First 2-year - old elimination

A race of the highest grade.

This year's first elimination to Breeders Course for 2-year-olds, born 2016, offers rows of top horses at Charlottenlund, sunday 26 august..

Eric the Eel, named after the swimmer Eric Moussambani from Equatorial Guinea who became a world celebrity during the Sydney Olympics, is perhaps the most exciting horse. Eric the Eel was bought for expensive money at auction and has started his career with two straight victories in Italy. Now he is home in Denmark, the Danish trotting profile Jens Glud Hansen owns, to start in Breeders Course. Eric the Eel is also staked for Hambletonian Stakes, which implies what class the horse holds.

Eastboundanddown is another Danish horse to watch. Successful amateur Peter Rudbeck is the man behind the talent that has never been worse than number two in three starts.

Steen Juuls Enjoy the Game has shown 15.6 / 1600 meters on Odense. Epic debuted at 17.6 / 2000 meters.

Swedish trainers will sent three horses, the debutant Eastandwest is trained by Helena Burman and Lutfi Kolgjini's fast duo Upper Face and Uarda Face.

Erling is undefeated after two starts and Ebony Blåbjerg who showed 15.7 during Åbergskällen on Jägersro are the only two who do not have the opportunity to qualify for the final at Jägersro where 600,000 kronor awaits the winner.

Entries, 2000 meters

1 Enjoy the Game, Steen Juul

2 Eric The Eel, Björn Goop

3 Uarda Face, Adrian Kolgjini

4 Erling, Jörgen Sjunnesson

5 Eastandwest, Stefan Söderkvist

6 Epic, Ken Ecce

7 Ebony Blåbjerg, Morten Friis

8 Upper Face, Lutfi Kolgjini

9 Eastboundanddown, Birger Jörgensen

10 Enzio, Bent Svendsen


Breeders Course calendar

September 12     Solvalla

September 22     Wolvega

October 10         Jägersro


October 27         Jägersro